Industry Partners

Digital Construction Automation

Developed the digital ecosystem for a traditional manufacturing equipment supplier to an end-to-end design and build ecosystem, enabled by Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Learning Technologies.

Value-added services | Predictive Maintenance | Lease-based machines | Production monitoring and optimisation


AI-based construction cost estimation

Developed a machine learning algorithm for predicting construction project cost and successfully commercialised as a software product that are currently used by more than 500 enterprise customers.

Big Data Manufacturing Analytics

Working with a NZ-leading Manufacturing Execution System supplier, we are developing intelligent Machine Learning algorithms to enable them to harness hidden insights from their customer data and add intelligent production management features to their software solution.

Improved productivity | Better quality | Real-time production control


Knowledge-driven Production Control

Working with an Industry 4.0 exemplar in New Zealand, we are developing a suite of AI-driven production control technologies for the client to optimise their production plan and inventory. The project outcomes are expected to reduce their inventory costs by 25%. 

Improved productivity | Optimal inventory control | AI-driven decision-making

Steel Coating Defect Detection

Worked with one of the largest steel product manufacturers in New Zealand, we developed a computer vision-based surface defect detection algorithm for steel coating products. With a small dataset, our algorithm can achieve 95%+ accuracy. 

Computer vision | Machine learning | Quality assurance 

Human action tracking

In-house research project sponsored by NZ government and industry partners, investigating vision-based human action tracking and understanding technologies for ensuring product assembly quality and productivity.

Computer vision | Machine learning | Assembly assistance

Our Core Capabilities

Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Develop high-performance artificial intelligence algorithms for manufacturing

Big data analytics

Harness data science for efficient operations in complex manufacturing context.

Factory Automation

Create self-learning and self-optimising factories

Digital Twin

Create living replicas of physical systems and processes that can self-optimise.

Internet of Things

Create plug-and-play connectivity solutions for legacy machines and processes.

Industrial Robots

Robots and automated systems perform tasks with a high degree of autonomy