Our Research


Research Overview

In the Industrial AI Research Group, we have a broad range of interests and skills. Our vision is to embrace the future of manufacturing which is characterized by connectivity, cognitive intelligence and sustainability. Our expertise includes Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Industrial Artificial Intelligence, Self-organising Systems and Autonomous Robotics. Within our group, we have the capability to not only develop intelligent algorithms and systems, but also validate the research outcomes in real industry settings and create real-world impacts.

We take on need-driven research projects that have great impact to industry practices. We always believe proving an idea in the lab is just the beginning of the journey of excellent research.  A strong industry and academic collaboration network enables us to share ideas and foster new innovation. We are always open to new research ideas, so do get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Research in this stream aims at applying the latest artificial intelligence technologies to improve the cognition of industrial systems, such as robots, AGVs, machine tools and 3D printers so that they can sense, think and act by themselves in an autonomous manufacturing environment.

Autonomous Industrial Robotics

Creating autonomous robots that can learn to act in unpredictable environments has been a long standing goal of robotics, artificial intelligence, and the cognitive sciences. In contrast, current commercially available industrial robots mostly execute fixed tasks and exhibit little adaptability. This research stream develops autonomous robotics for application in human-robot factory collaboration and construction.

Smart Manufacturing System

Research on Cognitive Manufacturing focuses on endowing production systems and machines with perceptive and decisive capabilities to enable self-organising operations and collaborations based on embedded cognitive reasoning.

Manufacturing Automation

Research on Industrial Automation focuses on developing future-proofing automation theories and systems that can maximise flexibility and efficiencies in the factories of the future.