Septemmber 2021 – Congratulations to Dr. Yuqian Lu for securing $199,871 from National Science Challenge SfTI over 2 years to work on time-sensitive industrial control in 5G environment, in collaboration with Victoria University University of Wellington and Spark New Zealand Limited.

April 2021 – Huge congratulations to Yonghui Tao and Dazzal Johnson for both winning prizes in their own categories in the University of Auckland Mechanical Engineering Postgraduate Conference 2021!

March 2021 – Huge congratulations to Regina Lee on winning 2021 Faculty of Engineering best summer research student project award! 

March 2021 – Welcome Dazzle Johnson (Phd student), Yonghui Tao (Phd student), Karen Wang (master student), Sidhant Raje (master student) to the group.

September 2020 – Dr. Yuqian Lu has been nominated as a NAMRI/SME Scientific Committee member.

July 2020 – Welcome Wanqing Xia to the group as a new PhD student.

June 2020 – Dr. Yuqian Lu gave a talk about “Rebuilding manufacturing with digital technologies in the wake of COVID-19” at Tech Tuesdays online on 30 June 2020. Recordings available at:

May 2020 – Our new research work on Semantic-aware Cyber-Physical Systems has been accepted by Journal of Manufacturing Systems. Check it out.


May 2020 – Congrats to the IAI team! Two new journal articles have been listed as ESI Highly Cited Paper in May 2020 update. Digital Twin-driven smart manufacturing: Connotation, reference model, applications and research issues. Cloud-based manufacturing equipment and big data analytics to enable on-demand manufacturing services.

Apr 2020 – Congrats to Dr. Lu on being elected as an Associate Editor for IET Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing.

Apr 2020 – Our team has just purchased a new Universal Robot 5 series robot and a MiR100 mobile robot. In addition to the two KUKA robots in our assembly cell, we now have a true robotic team!!!

MiR100™ | Mobile Industrial RobotsUR5 collaborative robot arm | Flexible and lightweight robot arm

Feb 2020 – Welcome Saahil Chand to the group as a new PhD student. 

Feb 2020 – Welcome Munirah Mahadi to the group as a new Master research student. 

Feb 2020 – Our publication on Digital Twin-driven smart manufacturing has been listed as the most downloaded article on Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (IF: 4.392). Download “Digital Twin-driven smart manufacturing: Connotation, reference model, applications and research issues”

Nov 2019 – Welcome to Zhaojun Qin to our group as a new PhD student. 

Aug 2019 – Dr. Lu is organizing a symposium at ASME MSEC 2020 conference on Cognitive Manufacturing. See CfP:

Jul 2019 – [Summer Research Scholarship Available] The University of Auckland offers Summer Research Scholarships to high-achieving undergraduate students, preferable in the 3rd or 4th year, who have an interest in pursuing postgraduate study. Further details: