Cloud Manufacturing

We have developed a fully-functional cloud manufacturing environment targeting efficient production of highly personalised products.

Detailed research outputs are published as follows:

  1. Lu, Y., Wang, H., & Xu, X. (2019). ManuService ontology: A product data model for service-oriented business interactions in a cloud manufacturing environment. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing30(1), 317-334.
  2. Lu, Y., & Xu, X. (2018). Resource virtualization: A core technology for developing cyber-physical production systems. Journal of manufacturing systems47, 128-140.
  3. Lu, Y., & Xu, X. (2017). A semantic web-based framework for service composition in a cloud manufacturing environment. Journal of manufacturing systems42, 69-81.
  4. Lu, Y., Xu, X., & Xu, J. (2014). Development of a hybrid manufacturing cloud. Journal of Manufacturing Systems33(4), 551-566.

The live system is available for evaluation at: Please contact Dr. Yuqian Lu ( for login information.

The back end data model is open-sourced at: